Have been for a week noticing odd behavior of Chrome browser.

When I am online, the
 * jQuery JavaScript Library v1.5.2
 * http://jquery.com/
 * Copyright 2011, John Resig
 * Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.
 * http://jquery.org/license
 * Includes Sizzle.js
 * http://sizzlejs.com/
 * Copyright 2011, The Dojo Foundation
 * Released under the MIT, BSD, and GPL Licenses.
 * Date: Thu Mar 31 15:28:23 2011 -0400
javascript element that the browser uses works fine, if I go offline and then try to test my pages locally in the webserver on my computer, chrome doesn't like being offline and has a wobbler about it and then throws an error about an anonymous function in the above mentioned jQuery module.

Now, this is the main problem, I don't use nor ever will use any JQuery code in any of my scripting, therefore it raises a couple of questions, why is chrome using this when I have no jQuery in my scripting, what is chrome doing, is google snooping?

When it turn the internet back on, the error persists. When the browser page is loaded a fresh then all goes back to normal.