I have a for loop looping through data from a mysql query and displaying the results of each. The link is a cropped shot of what each iteration displays on the browser. I wrapped it in img tags but it didn't work for some reason. What I need to do is be able to click the button that is included in each iteration and grab that data from that iteration so that I can have a script send an email to the person that listed the book. I have no clue how to do this with PHP and cannot find anything on the web or any of the books I have.


below is the code the code that is in the loop.

PHP Code:
for($j=0$j $numRows$j++){
"<div class='searchResults'>
                                      <div class='infoHeading'>
                                        Title:<br />
                                        Author:<br />
                                        ISBN:<br />
                                        Condition:<br />
                                      <div class='bookInfo'>
.$bookInfo['title'][$j]."<br />
.$bookInfo['author'][$j]."<br />
.$bookInfo['isbn'][$j]."<br />
.$bookInfo['condition'][$j]."<br />
                                      <div class=bookImg>
                                        <img class='thumbnail' src=\""
.$bookInfo['thumbnail'][$j] ."\">
                                        <input type='submit' name='purchase' value='Purchase' />
                                    </div><br />"
//end for loop