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Thread: Why JS

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    Why JS

    i'm new in web development i use php for web (that is a scripting language like javascript), why should we need JS?
    both are scripting language. would i have a problem if i continue not using JS?

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    - well you can have site without it, but if you want to have site which is "up to date" and probably your client would like to have sites that doesn't stand out (old). then you will need to learn JS. check JQUERY plugin which give you the overall understanding of what can you do using js: http://jqueryui.com/demos/

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    JavaScript allows you to enhance your webpages so that they respond directly to user actions and create dynamic, animated displays. Effects like revealing additional content when a user clicks on a particular element are done in JavaScript. Validating form entries without requiring a call to the server can be done in JavaScript. Slideshows and other animated image gallery effects are done in JavaScript. In all, JavaScript is a vital skill for any serious web developer.

    However, I wouldn't advise trying jQuery until you learn the basics of JavaScript. jQuery is a framework for creating JavaScripts. It includes a large library of built-in functions that are very useful and can significantly speed up your development when you're working on advanced level software. But it comes at the price of loading at least one additional file on every page that uses it, and it won't teach you the fundamentals of JavaScript. Once you know the basics, you can make an intelligent decision about when it make sense to use jQuery.
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    For me Javascript/Jquery/AJAX allows me to build web apps that are comparable to desktop apps. The advantage is the app can run on a PC, Mac, iPad, Android or other device with little to no extra effort. I usually only do PC desktop apps since adapting the app for other platforms is cost prohibitive. Also updating desktop apps is a pain. I can just update the files on the server and everyone has the update immediately. I view Jquery as an easy to use wrapper around numerous capabilities in Javascript. You don't have to use it but you would be insane not to.

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    Three reasons I can think of

    1.Javascript was around long before PHP or serversides were and everything had to be client side and JS had more power and access to client side than it does now.
    2. it can allow seamless apps to be made using AJAX to interact with server sides like PHP
    3. it can be used to modify page content, update pages with new information and provide support for playing media or something as simple as a web page clock that displays in the users local time regardless of server location.
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