Now a days we are using CSS3 coding to design websites. It is essential in responsive web design. And CSS3 reduced the usage of jquery and javascript. Earlier desinger has to go for javascript to give simple effect.

Okay. Coming to present topic CSS3 Transition, when we apply transition effect
then that element will transform one style to other style.
We can get lot of stuff information when you search in the net. But for professional use we will not use all that scrap.

Let me tell you how i will use this transition property in while designing a
I will mainly use this property for anchor tags on hover effect (see
following example).

.democlass a { background: #eeeeee; color: #353535; }
.democlass a:hover { background: #353535; color: #eeeeee; transition: background 0.8s linear; }

That's it.
Here i am applying CSS3 transition effect to bakcground. So my background will be slowly (linearly) transfrom from light black color(#eeeeee) to dark black
(#353535) color with a time delay of point eight seconds.

Just try it and feel the awesome.

And there is no need to give webkit, moz, o or something else. Because all latest browsers are accepting this CSS3 transition effect except Internet Explorer (we know that is old fashion browser).

Okay, thank you.
have a nice day guyz.

Share your views please.