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Thread: [RESOLVED] uploading images

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    resolved [RESOLVED] uploading images

    having trouble figuring out why this won't work. the picture doesn't appear in the directory afterwards and instead of a file path string in the db, it just says null in the next row in the db

    PHP Code:
    //connect to database

    //get text and page name

    //insert primary info into database
    $db->query("INSERT INTO ENTRIES(DATE, TEXT, category) VALUES (CURDATE(),'".$content."','".$page."')");

    $allowedExts = array("gif""jpeg""jpg""png");
    $location explode("."$_FILES["entry_pic"]["name"]);
    $extension end($location);
        if (((
    $_FILES["entry_pic"]["type"] == "image/gif")
          || (
    $_FILES["entry_pic"]["type"] == "image/jpeg")
          || (
    $_FILES["entry_pic"]["type"] == "image/jpg")
          || (
    $_FILES["entry_pic"]["type"] == "image/png"))
          && (
    $_FILES["entry_pic"]["size"] < 120000)
            if (
    $_FILES["entry_pic"]["error"] > 0)
    "Return Code: " $_FILES["entry_pic"]["error"] . "<br>";
    move_uploaded_file($_FILES['entry_pic']['tmp_name'], $target); 
    $db->query("UPDATE entries SET entry_pic_path = 'entry_pics/".$_FILES['entry_pic']['name']."'
                WHERE text='"
    "Invalid file";

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    Your HTML? often these issues are based in what you put in your form tag.

    You will also find a thread that is stickied with a script for uploading images.

    My initial thoughts on your problem is to check that your enctype tag in your form is set.
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    Oh my heck... lol i feel stupid now... yea it was my lack of enctype='multipart/form-data'. thanks a ton for that... silly dumb mistakes... I've done this before so I don't know why i forgot that. thanks for the reminder.

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