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Thread: Best approach for a responsive sliding Carousel of divs

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    Exclamation Best approach for a responsive sliding Carousel of divs

    Okay, so I've got a div of content that has a couple of elements (a heading, a paragraph, and two images) and I need it to rotate through a carousel -- there will be anywhere from 1 (on mobile) to 5 (on wide-screen) of these divs visible at a time.

    My issue is that I suck at jQuery so I'm not sure how best to approach the carousel. I've been looking online for weeks and I haven't found an existing plug-in that suits my needs. I need them to rotate (sliding animation) to the left and I need only the certain amount of them be visible (again, dependent on screen width, which also means it needs to change if the screen is resized after page load)

    Any help, advice, or tutorial links would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Have you gone through Jquery dot com?
    If not please see that website you can find many carousel demos for free...
    And there will be simple steps to integrate them into our website.
    I am saying with my experience.

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