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Thread: [RESOLVED] Disabling or hiding scrollbars

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Disabling or hiding scrollbars

    Hi, I am creating website and I need help :<
    MY website is created by WYSIWYG editor called Xara, and because I dont know how to do responsive website using wysiwyg editor I decided to create my website for 3 different resolutions,and my script chooses the best resolution of my website by resolution of browser...

    But what my problem is that I cant get rid off scrollbars.Even when the website is as big as the size of the window browser,I am still able to see them and even use them...When I use them,it just expands my website with white strip...
    1)Is there any way how can I create responsive website with wysiwyg editor? So the size will change by the size of the window?
    2)Or Is there any way how can I hide or disable scrollbars???

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    Need to see a link or some code.
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    Use View Port meta tag. And make sure your coding should support media queries.
    Then it will come correctly.

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