I'm making a website for users all around the world to be able to pin their favorite vacation spots. I'm using wordpress at the moment but all the free google maps plugins do not allow user's to be able to add their own markers (only the admin can). I'm just wondering if anyone knows any better software for me to create this type of website in instead of WordPress.

This is the goal of my website: The World Map in the center will display all the vacation markers and stars will mark the top rated vacation spots. Users will be able to click on each continent in the world map and it will change to only that continent and they can continue to click on individual states/countries to reveal more markers. At the bottom of the screen the user will be able to enter in the information about the vacation and submit to add the new marker to the map. The Photo Stream on the left side of the page will be scroll through random pictures of popular vacations. The Recent Reviews on the right side will keep updating when a new review is put in and it will display it.