I'm using ajax/jquery to submit form data to server php file. After validation from server side I want to show user a form which is basically html summary of his input. I know how that page should look like but I have following concerns from implementation point which I need some help with:-

Please confirm your submission

Above,title I want to append in existing webpage incident.htm. This hyperlink is just as ref (not an actual .htm file) when the response reaches from the server. How can I do this?

I want to start with writing title (as above) to point where I'm inserting entire table with values on the page. So please give suggestions if rendering the html elements on ajax function in html is a good option or doing it through js.

If you want a real example. Here it is Incident report form.. You can dummy input to see how the summary page looks like (for your understanding).

Also this response should hide input form ( before insertion view) as the user is suppose to be just viewing summary page.

Please let me know if this enough for you to understand my requirements.

[1]: http://jsfiddle.net/6Pcx8/