Hi friends,

Nearly hundred company logos i have designed in my experience. But everytime i will look for the change. I will try something different. In my experience there are few important things which i will follow while designing a company logo with professional look are the following:

* The domain(sector/field): We have to consider the company sector like minig company, construction company, real estate, pharma company or any other manufacturing company.

* The name: main letters in the company name we have to consider. Based on the Main letters like MNR, BDS, JMR etc., we can hight.

Main thing is we should not make the scrap in logo design. Only one or two high lighting things we have to focus.

Do not copy others logo but inspire from them and make your own custom style.

It will hardly take less than an hour to design a good logo but you should have creativity and passion to design a professional logo.

Be cool, create the awesome.

share your views also.