I'm fairly new to web development and considering my brother's vast interest in web design and wordpress , who happens to be an excellent graphics designer, i decided to learn the development part and be a help to him in near future. I have already finished the Head First HTML & CSS book (a couple of days ago) and finding myself in a huge dilemma which route to take from here, considering my thrust for getting efficient in wordpress (to team up with my brother) and a possible future as a proficient web developer for myself. I know it'll take me a good 2-3 years time to be fluid in web development but i have a lot of spare time to work on my skills.
I'll keep working on HTML & CSS along with anything new i get my hands on, since the book centered its focus heavily on the basics.
Here my few options i have opted:
Head First Wordpress
Head First HTML5 programming
Head First PHP & MySQL
Head First Javascript
Head First Jquery

Please recommend me the order in which i should read the books i mentioned. I prefer Head First series because of their excellent narrative style which can make even the most boring subject look interesting.

Thanks in advance!