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Thread: [RESOLVED] Script does not work externally

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    resolved [RESOLVED] Script does not work externally

    I have a script that works great and does exactly what I need it to, when I call it internally. However, if I add it as an external script, it does not run. I'm pulling hairs because I cannot figure out why. An extra pair of eyes would be awesome. There's nothing wrong with the way I call it, externally, either.

    HTML Code:
    <script src="parallax.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    var bigYellowCircle = document.querySelector("#bigYellowCircle");
    var blueSquare = document.querySelector("#blueSquare");
    var greenPentagon = document.querySelector("#greenPentagon");
    function setTranslate(xPos, yPos, el) {
    	el.style.transform = "translate3d(" + xPos + ", " + yPos + "px, 0)";
    window.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", scrollLoop, false);
    var xScrollPosition;
    var yScrollPosition;
    function scrollLoop() {
    	xScrollPosition = window.scrollX;
    	yScrollPosition = window.scrollY;
    	setTranslate(0, yScrollPosition * -0.2, bigYellowCircle);
    	setTranslate(0, yScrollPosition * -1.5, blueSquare);
    	setTranslate(0, yScrollPosition * .5, greenPentagon);

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    Nevermind, I understand where I'm messing up. I am putting the external code in my header, which is creating an issue. The script is running and trying to interact with data that is not yet present, as far as the script is concerned. I put it at the bottom of my body and everything is working correctly. Derp moment, for real. Sorry for the unnecessary thread.

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    You can use the onload event to run your script when the page has loaded, doing what you have done tells me that your script is running as soon as it is encountered, if loading the script, you can defer its loading with the defer attribute.
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