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Thread: Javascript search for large html files using web workers

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    Question Javascript search for large html files using web workers

    i am a newbie in Javascript
    i have this Fiddle Here http://jsfiddle.net/kd6Y4/4/

    which is getting div from a different page on same site and display it the problem is its working perfectly online like this direct link http://fiddle.jshell.net/kd6Y4/1/show/ search for hand or and in both

    but there is a problem if i am searching a html file which is around 7 mb with more than 6000 div its hanging for around 20 seconds before giving results and sometime chrome closes when testing i want to load results from multiple html files at a time and in a way so that results should show instantly and realtime when the searching is being processed
    i have heard about Parallel.js http://adambom.github.io/parallel.js/ but i am unable to use it please help me how can i intigrate this in the code
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    Is the problem has been resolved? I would like to know how did you resolved the problem. I need to search huge html files and should returns the results as like you stated above. Please let me know your findings/solutions or approaches.
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    1. Great that you have solved the problem.
    2. When posting JQuery questions, please use the proper forum, you need the JavaScript Frameworks forum.
    --> JavaScript Frameworks like JQuery, Angular, Node <--
    ... and please remember to wrap code with forum BBCode tags:-

    [CODE]...[/CODE] [HTML]...[/HTML] [PHP]...[/PHP]

    If you can't think outside the box, you will be trapped forever with no escape...
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    This is a antique thread.
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