I ran into a problem with dtree and the latest version of Firefox and don't know if the problem is with the html, javascript, Firefox or my design.

I have a two level nested frameset. The top level is divided into two column frames, Lframe and Rframe. Rframe is divided into two row frames, RTframe and RBframe.

I use dtree to build a hierarchical table-of-contents from a database which is displayed in the Lframe. The operator selection is reflected in the RTframe and RBframes.

Everything works fine if the web is entered from the index.html page. But if I enter the web directly to an internal page, the links in dtree don't work. Actually, they don't work in Firefox 25 for Windows but they do work with Firefox 17 for Linux and they do work with IE 7.

I've tried everything I could think of to resolve the problem including ditching framesets and frames for iframes but I get the same results. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance