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Thread: Strange referrals

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    Strange referrals

    Hi all,

    hope this is the right section...

    I have launched a new web site recently at www.root-sounds.com.

    In looking at my traffic statistics, as of a couple of weeks ago, I get very strange referrals from completely unrelated sites, most of them from Russia (like www.somesite.ru). These are some girlie sites, though not exactly porn, and some I don't even have a clue what they're about, as I don't read the language. I can't find a mention of my site anywhere on these pages and they're obviously not about music production as in my case.

    Any idea what this is about?


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    I think you have created the backlink on a doorway page or the site which is now converted to the girly site.

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    Welcome to "referral spam" -- look it up. I guarantee you did not "create a backlink on a doorway page, [etc.]" (to refute SEO Land), they just do it. You can use .htaccess to block some of it via IP or by keywords in the "referral" pages.

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