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Thread: disappearing <li> elements in Chrome - does not occur in FF, Safari

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    disappearing <li> elements in Chrome - does not occur in FF, Safari

    I'm using an off-canvas menu toggled via media queries in CSS. It's a simple UL nested in a DIV. I've posted a mock-up here:


    The issue is only with Chrome in resolutions higher than 1024 (the breakpoint at which it changes from off-canvas mobile menu to a fixed right-side menu. I'm currently on Chrome v30.0.X

    As I click items in the menu on the right hand side, some or all of the <li>s disappear. It isn't a consistent behavior. Sometimes I can click several times without an issue. Other times the menu disappears on click, and becomes visible one <li> at a time as I move my cursor across the area in which the menu is located. It happens frequently enough that it's bugging me and I'd like to find a solution.

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    Yeah i have also checked the problem. It's seems like 'loading problem'. Try it once by uploading to server.
    Use ajax also. It may helps.
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    I'll look into an Ajax alternative but I think I may just let the Chromer's live with it until Google gets its act together.

    A link causing a redraw issue seems like a bug.

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