For the past 15 years I've built web site using Dreamweaver and using Linux web hosting plans to build the sites in php using mysql databases. This has provided me a mostly happy living as freelance designer/developer.

But in the past few years I've seen the Wordpress method grow and become a substantial part of the internet. I've made several attempts to switch to Wordpress and never found my product to be good enough to replace my old method. Sites run slower, and I'm not at liberty to customize the information as I've done before and things break over time and need regular updating. But yet, one in three new customer request are now that they have to have a Wordpress site..

Well today I set up a hosting plan with a major webhost and notice they've switched to Cpanel. It is obvious that CPanel is designed for Wordpress and other prebuilt solutions, and that something as seemingly simple as finding the root folder of the website for a FTP connection to dreamweaver was a major problem for the support person I was speaking with. The tech had contact their superior and that person had an incorrect answer. I now have a ticket waiting for an answer.

SO, my main question: Are we going to a web development world that will all be prebuilt solutions, and as a freelance ,shadetree web designer, am I a thing of the past?