Hi. I'm a graphic designer, and never learned much on the web development side of things during school or anything. So I'm basically clueless.

I have a few ideas for websites, some of which have already been done..sort-of (what hasn't, right?) but with a new layout/style.

Anyways, I was curious how to go about doing it. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd be very grateful. (ie: what language is best to use, best hosting company, if there may be a template or something available or will it all have to be custom..etc?)

One of the sites I'm thinking of doing is a picture sharing/viewing style website. Say for example one idea is I want to show pictures of rare cars people have found in every day traffic/parking lots etc, but I selection style layout as the landing page or page after their login for them to enter the types of cars they want to see.

For example.. http://i.imgur.com/FpIPKx4.jpg (I did a quick mock-up white using a site I was familiar with just to show you my idea. It will be different later.)

The page after would just be clicking through to see content.. photobucket styled where you click the picture to see the next picture. How fast could I learn how to do something like this on my own? I'd appreciate any help anyone is willing to offer as well as suggestions. Thanks in advance.