Dear community of webdesigners,
I have just registered with this forum and really hope I will find an answer to my problem I have been struggeling with.

I am a beginner but I want to learn.
I have been trying to create a website using microsoft expression web 4.
1 week ago I did not know what was HTML or CSS but now slowly slowly I am learning.
There are just many things which are interesting but at the same time they make you mad!

I am trying to add some behavior to a picture of an html site.
I would like that with the mouseover a song will be played but that it also stops with mouseout.
Now, adding the behaviour to a pic to play a song using expression web is super easy. Even without knowing anything about Java scripts or html language. It is just a click on "add behaviour"
it works but:
1) the song does not stop when you move the mouse out
2) the song stars again when you move it again over- that means that if you move the mouse 100 times over, in the background you will hear 100 times the song playing!

I am trying to find out how to write an easy java script that help me solve this problem, but I am really struggeling.
I foud some scripts in internet, which I pasted in my expression web, but either there were problems with the script or I even did not know how to embed the song, because often these smart guys who post the script take it for granted that even a beginner knows how to replace the "...mp3" with the right one. I do not even know how to tell Java the path of the song.

What I would need is an easy script which works

I really want to learn and am not lazy just looking for a quick answer but I have been trying to solve this probelm for 5 hours but invain!
I would really appreciate it, if somebody could be so kind as to help me.