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Thread: Seeking a full-stack developer

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    Seeking a full-stack developer

    Hello, all. It's been a while since I've posted on these forums...

    I'm working on a side project that I would like to become a full business. A friend and I (but mostly him) created a database website for music programs to keep track of their inventories, including sheet music, instruments, and equipment, plus other tasks that are common to music departments. Unfortunately, my business partner/code monkey is unable to continue with the project at this time.

    Currently the project uses:
    • Java + wicket
    • Mongo db
    • Tomcat app server
    • Apache HTTPD
    • Hosting on digital ocean/aws
    • Jquery
    • Bootstrap

    That being said, if somebody is interested and they are more comfortable with a different technology and can easily switch languages to the language of their choice, we're definitely open to that.
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    Hi Rhsunderground,

    I can provide you an expert team of web developers.Considering your requirements, I highly recommend you using Python language,
    If thats' fine with you,
    Please ping me on Skype or shoot me an email.

    Skype: spark.subhish
    Email : subhish@sparksupport.com

    Subhish N
    SparkSupport Infotech

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