Hi all,

As a new member, I humbly apologize if I have posted this topic in the wrong spot.

But I own and operate a web-services company and a looking for a more in-depth web-programmer for a given project. It is for a website that I am maintain for a client of mine. To give a brief overview, this is the 2-pronged application I need for this project:

This website (already in-place and already fully functional now) is a Home-Builder’s website, and they have pretty standard pages for the website, like “About”, “Contact Us”, and whatnot. Then they have a section of the site called “Floor Plans”, where they have a list of houses they build, and then PDF’s they create that are architectural drawings, to go along with those houses they build; and these PDF’s are just included on each house’s web-page on the site, etc. All pretty standard, and it works well for them.

Well now they’re wanting to juice up this “Floor Plans” section of the website and make it a bit more dynamic. Here are the two components I need in an application, which I mentioned earlier:

1) My client wants to “Lock” every page such that a user on the website has to register with a username and password (and, of course, supply an e-mail address as part of registering) in order to look at these “Floor Plans” pages that are on the website and in order to download/view the PDF’s along with the Floor Plan pages they can now access ONLY AFTER they register.

2) My client wants to be able to receive some data on who is hitting what “Floor Plans” pages of the website. Let’s say if there were five pages, “Floor Plan A”, “Floor Plan B”, “Floor Plan C”, “Floor Plan D”, “Floor Plan E”; and let’s say there were three users who have registered to be able to view the pages: “User 1”, “User 2”, and “User 3”. My Home-Builder client, here, wants to be able to see statistics on how many times things like “User 2 clicked on Floor Plan C or Floor Plan A”; and “How many clicks Floor Plan E has been getting”; and “What Floor Plans did User 3 click on?” etc. Things like that. The main idea behind this is, my Home-Builder client wants to be able to track which users are going to which Floor Plan pages on the website so that my Home-Builder client can specifically follow up with an e-mail or phone call TO that “User 2” or “User 4”, or whoever, and address them with something like, “We were noticing that you liked to view our Floor Plan A, here’s what we’d like to talk to you about ___________________________ .” and tailor a message or phone call to them, specifically about their visiting the website.

Is this an appropriate place for me to ask and see if there are any web-programmers here who would be interested in taking on a two-pronged project like this? Or, can anyone here RECOMMEND a web-programmer who would be appropriate for a project like this and be able to deliver?

The site is on an Apache/Linux server, so ASP.net's out; we'd need to use php (and MySQL), probably; or whatever would be compatible, really.