I just finished a site with some cool stuff... it is for selling nuclear powered keychains.

Tritium Keychain

The CMS is WordPress and the theme is heavily modified by me, but a bit buggy still. Working out some of those bugs, but for now, it's mostly done.

The product line is just getting prepared, I will sell my own made in Europe. For now, there are some on Amazon that I put on the page just to get it up and ready.

The final site will sell these via Magento or some other eCommerce platform, since I don't expect huge traffic, maybe I can use the Godaddy system.

The "BUY NOW" button gave me absolute fits! I wanted to use a CSS SPrite and it would not work with this theme. Very strange.
I finally gave up and put it in an iFrame. If it's good enough for Amazon and Facebook, it's good enough for me.