I知 currently using a script/form that has served a purpose for me for some time but I keep thinking back to a vision I had some time ago that I was never able to master.

The closest thing I can find to what I want is shown here


but it痴 still not exactly what I知 after (im not looking for a quiz)

Basically I am creating a team selection page for my users (there only a handful of them)

What I would be doing is list on the right hand side of the screen, every available player in their squad (usually 45 names) and the on the left hand side of the screen, have empty boxes (18 of them) representing the positions on the field.

There would also be a sub section below the 18 feild positions on the right for emergency players (6 of them) in case somebody got injured ect.

My hope then would be that a user could:

* Click a name on the left and drag it to a field position on the right, thus filling that position and removing the players name from the squad list (because he has been selected)

* This would continue to happen until all field positions were full.

* Once all positions were full, the user would click a submit button to send the chosen players to me in a plain text list via email

* A user would be banned from clicking submit until all positions were filled.

* A user could remove a player by dragging his name back out of a position (this would also re disable the submit button if the position is then not filled.

* I've attached a photoshop view of my idea (sorry for it being out of allignment) and note that the sample might not follow the rules shown above (eg submit button visible before team it full

Is this still something that is too ambitious???