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Thread: Default value in SELECT form

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    Question Default value in SELECT form

    I am developing a system where users can edit their details. Among the details they can edit are in the form of drop down menu.

    If for example in a member's Salutation he chose a 'Mr.', once he edits his profile the form should automatically be set as

    <select name="salutation">
    <option>PLEASE SELECT SALUTATION</option>
    <option "Dr">Dr.</option>
    <option "Mr" Selected>Mr.</option>
    <option "Mrs">Mrs.</option>
    <option "Ms">Ms.</option>

    How do I make such pre defined selected value if I have a variable named salutation = "Mr."

    Hope somebody can help me.

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    is a thread that should help you.

    the eventual answer is at this post:

    that's if you're using php..

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    Thanks hammerslane. Have you got an ASP version? I wonder if there is another way because my concern is on the COUNTRY field which is a very long array of options.

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    i'm afraid i don't know any asp. i can see how my code, even adapted for asp, would be very heavy.
    i'm not sure of a better way to do it. maybe you're better posting at the asp forum....

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