Hello everybody,

My name is Luke Kerksma from The Netherlands, Amsterdam.

For my new project codename Firebug i am looking for new team members to build a high security, encrypted e-mail service like Hushmail and Lavabit.

With fundings from indiegogo.com and Kickstarter we will build a new e-mail service, based on Roundcube with support for PGP, SSL, Server side encryption and more.

I was wondering is some of you wanna help with this project, and earn some extra money that we are earning from the fundings of indiegogo.com and Kickstarter.

Based on Roundcube we need some PHP / MYSQL guys, designer's and Linux guru's.
I already started in The Netherlands to get some fundings from company's.

If you wanna help, please leave a note behind and i will get in touch with you for the possibility's.