I'm trying to find a good javascript/jquery responsive navigation menu script to integrate into a standard html5 website. I'm struggling to find one that fulfills all my requirements, which are:

  • Free
  • Horizontal layout with drop-down sub-menus in desktop width
  • Ideally a vertical concertina in mobile width
  • Touch-friendly - i.e. will show an expand/contract icon on touch screen devices or on all devices
  • Cross-browser friendly (including ie7)

It seems to me that these are pretty normal requirements, used on many sites, but it's quite difficult to find a suitable plug-in library.

The closest I've found have been flexnav which is buggy in internet explorer and smartmenus which has a funny approach to the top level links for touch devices (the top level menu items trigger drop down, then turn into standard links after the sub-menu is displayed. There's no collapse button so a person can't minimise an expanded menu manually).

Does anyone know of a suitable script library? What do commercial sites use - does each developer write their own or do they rely on paid-for libraries?

Many thanks.