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Thread: big custom project.... when to ask for money?

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    big custom project.... when to ask for money?

    I am in talks right now to start a development project with a company. This project would be web based and is has special feature that are unique to the company. This project will take me over a month of work.

    So one of my concerns is how to handle this financially? If I do +1 month worth (over 100 hour) of work on the project and they change their minds for whatever reason Iíve lost out on a very large amount of time. As this is a relatively unique project its not like I can just turn around and re-sale the code/software.

    How should I handle this? I want to remain professional, but at the same time protect myself. Asking for some money up front or in the middle of the project seems odd.

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    Ultimately it's whatever you can get them to agree to, try to set up a series of deliverables, with some percentage of the money due for each one before they get the next. It might be (just making up numbers) 15% for initial wireframes and specifications (to show they'll pay *something*), 45% for the acceptance test version, and 40% for the production delivery. (Again, just making up numbers and arbitrary breakdowns -- you should have a better idea of how you want to separate it into deliverables).
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