Hi All, I'm new to the forum.

I'm looking to build a site that can take calendar events and display them on a map. There are a number of examples out there but the best one I have found that demonstrates what I need is here: http://iwlearn.net/events/aggregator/events-map

This is almost perfect for my intentions. I looking to put about 1000 events across the USA, and, as with the slider for the date range, I want people to be able to filter down to time ranges and a variety of other options like category and event type.

With my limited expereince with Drupal I could see each event, or calendar entry, as a node. Each node would either be a popup or a page that included all the info for that event. It could include more location info, dates, registration links, blog posts links, photo gallery links, etc. Basically a lot of links, some text, and a few linked photos or videos. I'm looking to give users instant immediate thorough info for events that would take them a long time to research for themselves. They'd simply come to the site and see every event in the country for the year, but then narrow it down by date and location and other filters. If they were going to be in Dallas in June for example, they could find every event during their visit, and easily find all the useful information for attending the event.

With the above example, is it using a particular system or CMS/plug in? Or is it a custom build?

I have started to investigate some talent on Elance that can work with Google Maps. But if I can get started myself on this I will. My budget is tight, but once a system is in place most of the work will just be plugging in the data. (I shoudl mention if I could also have users help enter events and update info that'd be great too).

Wordpress has a plugin called Event Calendar Pro that looks like it can do a fair amount of the same: http://tri.be/shop/wordpress-events-calendar/
If this is the only option that I can figure out myself (I'm no programmer!) I may go for it, but I don't want to necessarily limit myself to Wordpress or this proprietary system, unless it could really do everything I want.

After looking at many versions of event mapping I really like that first example. And if I could customize a version of it I think that'd be ideal. If it could also be built it so the 'node' information could essentially be configured into any future system too, that'd be great as well! http://iwlearn.net/events/aggregator/events-map

Please let me know your thoughts or if you have other suggestions for event calendar mapping. Thanks very much.