I hope I'm in the right place with this question.

I have webpages with a couple of graphics, several hyperlink buttons, and anywhere from 3-6 audio media players. All the pages load fine, except for the pages with the audio players. There's a slight pause and then the screen goes blank with just a white background before the requested page loads. I noticed going from page to page on this site does the same thing, so I may be chasing a problem that I can't fix.

Is there any way to make the pages load faster for a seamless transition between pages? I've considered one multi-player instead of five single players, but I have descriptions of the audio that I don't know where I'd put the text to properly identify the audio playing. I don't know a lot yet about php or xml, if they would be needed, and I'm working with FrontPage, if that's a clue to my newbie-ness. I have Dreamweaver, but haven't put any time in it. Thanks in advance for helping!