If users use the registration form to register, by going directly to the registration page http://www.studyhood.com/english/register.php, then they receive an e-mail with an activation link (http://www.studyhood.com/english/act...805e2f7fc168bc), and when they click on it, the index page of the logged-in section is loaded (http://www.studyhood.com/english/indexglogin.php). This works fine.

But in the case where the (non-registered) user goes to the registration page by clicking a link to a restricted page (http://studyhood.com/english/transla...r_type=Regular), the e-mail activation link redirects to http://www.studyhood.com/http:/www.s...r_type=Regular.
Because of that additional http://www.studyhood.com inserted at the beginning of the URL, the browser returns an error message.

Finally, if the user logs in (not registers) after clicking on the link to the restricted page, everything is again fine, since she is taken to translation_second.php without any problem.

I look forward to your assistance,

thank you,