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Thread: Need Advide on New Website

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    Question Need Advide on New Website


    I want to build a dynamic website that displays some dynamic numbers like sports results in a chart like format/screen from a database or some other source. Displaying of the content should be in graphic format also. I have intermediate background in website creation but not advanced. But I should be able to learn anything new. I want to know which technology I should use. I heard of PHP/MYSQl. Since I want the ability to update the content on the website frequently (like sports results) I heard I can utilize Drupal, Zoomla or Wordpress. Also, users should be able to select from drop down which sports team (for example) they want to view the results for. There will be no other user inout. Can somebody guide me which apprach to take in this scenario?

    Thank you

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    i am sorry that i am stranger to desire website.can anybody would help she?

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