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Thread: CSS hover issue in IE and Safari

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    CSS hover issue in IE and Safari

    I have a CSS hover function problem and would appreciate some help:


    In the above example, if you click the link area you can go back and forth between two html pages. The problem is that as you do this, the cursor fails to auto-load the background colour on the new page in both IE and Safari, even though it is already stationed over the hover area (the white background remains until you nudge the cursor.)

    Does anyone know if this is remediable? (Note: Firefox and Chrome do not suffer from this problem. They both auto-load the background colour hover function.)



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    FYI: I've just tried this example on an older PC running IE 8, and the hover function between pages seems to work fine (i.e. as a current Firefox version does.)

    Seems like it is an IE 11 bug?

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    IE 11 had so many problems Microsoft started an IE11 Bug Bounty Program http://www.techienews.co.uk/971878/m...ounty-rewards/

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    While I'm not a Microsoft defender, if you read the article you'll find that Microsoft's Bug Bounty program is to encourage bug finders to locate security issues, not because they need help with rendering issues. It's similar to the program that Google has had for Chrome for several years.

    As to the design problem sgraphics posted, the problem probably starts with the invalid HTML. That is, it's invalid to enclose a <div> (a block-level element) with an <a>nchor tag (an inline element). You can add :hover to the CSS for the <div> for the background color change, and add an 'onclick' attribute to it as well to simulate a link. But the effect won't/shouldn't persist once the user leaves the first page. It will revert to the default styles unless you add some code to use cookies or localStorage to store what's happened.
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