Cap with each other so it closes and secures the strands. You can include glue to the strands if you choose. I didn't for my necklace. Double verify the size of your necklace before repeating on the 2nd aspect. If it is as well long, tiffany and co rings reduce off the excess and continue with the second finish cap. The 2nd aspect is generally trickier because you're trying to make certain the strands are all equivalent length and tautness. Have persistence and you'll get it! For a fantastic visible of this stage and different kinds of end caps or crimp ends, you can verify out this site. 6Next up is to include a clasp. You'll want to include a jumpring as a connector from clasp to end cap. (some jewellery won't require jumprings but I often recommend it in any case simply because it provides you the option of tiffany bracelets altering out the clasp down the road if you want to). Open up the jumpring and slide on the end cap loop and the clasp loop. Near the jumpring. Do this on both sides. 7That's it! You're done! See, informed you it was simple! Depending on how tricky it gets for you to place the strands in the finish cap, this can consider just a couple of minutes truly. It's the quickest component, particularly with this necklace because there are couple of strands. The choices for making a necklace like this are limitless really. You could use a various color clay, paint the clay (even metallic colours), use various color hemp cords, use ribbons or chain instead of the hemp twine. You could even use metal clay to produce a silver or other steel fingerprint pendant. You could use beads on a wire strand (I'm considering performing this as well). Or maybe produce some wire wrapped dangles to dangle down alongside of your pendant. I needed a more all-natural natural look to match the color of the pendant and I am happy with what I created. I will, nevertheless, be thinking and operating on some other designs that I can use also (remember I produced my necklace so I could effortlessly eliminate the pendant?). It's usually great to tiffany and co outlet have versatility! For mother's day this year, I produced a new version of this for my mother. I made the clay type utilizing both of my children fingers which shaped