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Thread: Is wordpress a dirty word?

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    No.. not at all.. i don't think so Its a good framework to make websites.

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    kiwostech: You know, "simple" and "user friendly" are relative terms. I've been playing the guitar for over 40 years and am considered a pretty decent player. I guarantee if you picked up an electric guitar for the first time a month ago, me saying that its very simple to play a certain song or solo, or that the guitar is easy or user friendly to play wouldn't be very useful or helpful.

    Everything is simple, or at least simpler once you've mastered it. My initial experience wasn't all that good, but would have been a lot better had I not jumped in based on people telling me how simple it was, and instead had told me the pitfalls to avoid, and how to get around likely problems I'd encounter.

    In times past I had hand coded sites for a long time, but have been away from it long enough to be be in need of catching up. And that's just for the hand coding stuff, needed for tweaking of the CSS in a theme. And by the way, I've seen what I'd call very seasoned web designers get stuck on a CSS bug while tweaking a theme or template. Then I remember importing some graphics into my worpress gallery, only to have all palette transparencies clobbered due to a problem in the PHP GD library provided by my hosting company. Days were wasted on what was a simple problem to fix, simply because I'd never worked with PHP or a GD library before, and a lot of unhelpful people on another forum doing everything but helping me address the source of my problem.

    There are usually lots of "gotcha's" in any new endeavor. Granted, people that say a platform is impossibly complicated are usually not helpful. But neither are people who say something is so easy, as and make it sound like a newbie can learn it in one day. The truth is likely somewhere in-between, and I started thread to find out what I was getting into or whether I should.
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