Hi everyone!!

I am developing a firefox os app and the app will have several screens. I am wondering how to implement several screens.

I see two options:

To create only one file (index.html) and use several divs (sections) in that file.

<div id="presentation" class="page" data-role="page">

<div id="page_signin" class="page" data-role="page">

The second option would be to use several files, and in the index.html use several "<a>" elements and href attribute. So when you click on the "a" element a new page, lets say signin.html will open.

<div id="presentation">
	<a href=”signin.html”>Sign in</a>    
	<a href=”help.html”>help</a>           


Which option would you prefer? Let me know if you would prefer a new solution.

Thank you very much!