. Hi,

My users request me for files within a shared folder, regularly due to large file sizes this is a hectic job. I am new to web development; I would like to create a website within intranet that has the following function:

1- Provide access to users to files and folders stored in shared directory

2- Has a search functionality that users can dig and get data fast and efficiently (search functions may include file name search of list of option available for a particular folder).

3- Admin page to allow\restrict users to various areas within folder structure

Further down the track I may also look at

1- Users can add comments to the files and email each other or admin for any changes

2- Provide the same website to external users.

I am not looking at purchasing any software, so I have a very low budget. I think sharepoint may do the job? But not sure?

Can someone please suggest best web development tool I can use.