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Thread: JavaScript - functions

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    JavaScript - functions

    Just started a javascript course. What is the benefit of using a function for the following script. Verses living the function off. It appears to do the same thing.

    <title> Greeting </title>
    function greet(who){
    alert ("Hello, "+ who + '' + who2);
    var who = prompt ("what is your first name");
    var who2 = prompt ("what is your last name");
    alert("Hello " + who + ' ' + who2);

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    It does not do the same thing.

    You NEVER call the function, so it does nothing!

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    This fill you in : http://jsfiddle.net/wTBqW/

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    Functions are good for helping you reuse code blocks that do specific tasks without having to write the code again and again, you just call a function and the interpreter then fetches that code block, runs it and the output is then generated if any output is needed, etc.

    Functions are your friend
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    From the Kindle edition of my book, "A Smarter Way to Learn JavaScript":

    A function is a block of JavaScript that robotically does the same thing again and again, whenever you invoke its name. It saves you repetitive coding and makes your code easier to understand.

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