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Thread: Twitter Bootstrap and Frameworks in general

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    Twitter Bootstrap and Frameworks in general


    Does anyone use frameworks? I'm a purist and like to do things myself because it seems like the frameworks come loaded with way too much, especially CSS that you may not even use.

    But I know some people use it, and maybe I could be building better websites if I started from a framework instead of from scratch every time. It seems contradictory page speed because everything I've read about page speed suggests linking to fewer files in the head section, yet the frameworks always come with a billion css files. so what's up with that?

    Also, it seems like Twitter bootstrap also talks about something called .less, what do I use that for?

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    Frameworks will always pack much more than you need. Even if you make your own framework, chances are that in different projects you will not need everything from this framework.

    Regarding billion css files. May I ask which frameworks are you referring to? Bootstrap has 1 to 2 css files and Foundation has only 1 css file.

    LESS and SASS are preprocessors for CSS language. They extend CSS with functions, variables, mixins and operations. For example if you use Less with Twitter Bootstrap, you can control what you want in your CSS file. Result is much lighter CSS file which only packs what you want.

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    Hi coding,

    I've only checked out a couple really, most recently Twitter Bootstrap. So if I understand correctly, LESS and SASS just write out the CSS file for you?

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    I've developed quite a few websites and can definitely recommend the use of twitter bootstrap! Don't look down on it just because it's already been written out but instead use it as a tool to bring your ideas to life far quicker.

    It is easy enough to use Twitter bootstrap alongside your own css code and just pick and choose what part of the bootstrap framework you wish to use!

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    thanks emforce, that's the main thing, speed. I need to get things going faster.

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