I've got a code like this here: http://jsfiddle.net/wLMp5/6/ that allows a user to set the height of a certain object by clicking. The height is set based on the user's y mouse coordinate and scroll position. There are also a couple of objects with top margins set based on these things. I need a cookie that will remember the last sizes of these things so that they are like that when the user returns to the page.

Nothing I've tried so far has come close to working, so I don't think posting any of it would be particularly helpful as it mostly just amounts to fiddling around with bits of code I don't remotely understand. I tried something using the Jquery cookie plugin, but the web host I'm using doesn't like the plugin code and freezes up everytime I try to use it, besides which I couldn't get the thing to work in the first place. I'd rather use something that doesn't use Jquery if it's possible to do this without it. The simpler, the better. If it can't be done without Jquery, then hopefully I can get something with Jquery to work without my webhost going crazy.

Sorry if it's not much of a starting point. I don't really understand cookies, no matter how much I try to find information about them.