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Thread: Need webpage with audio players to load faster

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    Need webpage with audio players to load faster

    I hope I'm in the right place with this question.

    I have webpages with a couple of graphics, several hyperlink buttons, and anywhere from 3-6 audio media players. All the pages load fine, except for the pages with the audio players. There's a slight pause and then the screen goes blank with just a white background before the requested page loads. I noticed going from page to page on this site does the same thing, so I may be chasing a problem that I can't fix.

    Is there any way to make the pages load faster for a seamless transition between pages? I've considered one multi-player instead of five single players, but I have descriptions of the audio that I don't know where I'd put the text to properly identify the audio playing. I don't know a lot yet about php or xml, if they would be needed, and I'm working with FrontPage, if that's a clue to my newbie-ness. I have Dreamweaver, but haven't put any time in it. Thanks in advance for helping!

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    First, dump FrontPage immediately and use Dreamweaver. Second, look up the HTML5 <audio> and <track> tags.

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    First, get a good book on HTML5/CSS3 and read it from front to back. Second use notepad (or an equivalent to it) temporary instead of Dreamweaver, once you have at least comprehend HTML then use Dreamweaver. An lastly hit the delete key on FrontPage.

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    If you don't have the time to learn how to make it yourself; I believe this is what you need http://codecanyon.net/item/html5-aud...aylist/1694831

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