So i am working with this Flash template that my boss purchased. It has a contact form, you are supposed to be able to fill it out, and it sends an email to a specified email address.
However, it does not work. At all!

There are 4 Fields on the form

The Code for the Submit Button is

-----Button Code-----

onClipEvent(load){this.t.v = _root.contacts_txt7;}
on (rollOver) {this.gotoAndPlay("s1");}
on (rollOut) {this.gotoAndPlay("s2");}
_parent.loadVariables("inc/mail.php", "POST");

----Button Code-----

The php script is

---------------Php Script------------------


$ToEmail = "email@here";
$ToSubject = "Message from your site";

$EmailBody = "Name: $name\n
Email: $email\n
Phone: $phone\n
Message: $message\n";

$Message = $EmailBody;

$headers .= "Content-type: text; charset=iso-8859-1\r\n";
$headers .= "From:".$name." / ".$email."\r\n";

mail($ToEmail,$ToSubject,$Message, $headers);


------------Php Script------------

It seems like it should work. The mail function on the server works, as I am able to setup a basic php contact page, and it works, however, he wants this flash contact form. It's as if the flash is not sending anything to the php script. Is there something missing? I have stared at it for hours, and have resorted to banging my head on the wall in an effort to jar loose ideas, thus far, nothing.