What is the best suited web technology to develop site similar to zomato.com (B2C website) considering these4 technology (Drupal, Django, Ruby on Rails (ROR), Nodes) . Considering technology from business decision stand-point as such each of them have its CONS & PROS?

-Cons & Pros on these technology in perspective to develop B2C website to support following features driven more from business stand point:

To Support Cloud Hosting on this website that will allow User to maintain data on cloud and acess from anywhere.
Security aspect to exchange info & data between USERS in cloud space.
Social Engagement to create User content and share via social engagement
Development cost and resource availability in market on these technologies.
Future Maintenance/Bug fix of Cod/future enhancement
Uniqueness of this technology to suite B2C website.

Please do provide Cons & pros for following business drivers to decided what is best technology (Drupal, Django, Ruby on Rails (ROR), Nodes suites for B2C?