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Thread: Visual Studio equivalent for Linux?

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    Visual Studio equivalent for Linux?

    Hello guys.

    I'm pretty new at web development, and now I'm trying to transfer to Linux.

    Is there IDE for Linux equivalent to Microsoft Visual Studio?

    I tried Eclipse but cannot set it up to translate automatically the SASS into the CSS file.

    Can you advice me how to do that?

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    What functionality of Visual Studio (or what programming languague) do you want to use on Linux? There are a lot of tools for programmers and web developers on linux. Some of them are big complex tools "for everything", some of them are more specialized. Do you want to use this IDE only for web development? Tell something more about your expectations. Do you already have any linux distro installed? You ask about SASS. There are for example packages 'sass' and 'compass' for Ubuntu. You can use 'compass' for compiling sass into css on the fly in your project's folder. I also tried Eclipse, but on my machine it was to slow. But there a lot of options on linux. The choice depends on your expectations and reqirements.

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