Hi, i've searched the internet for tutorials but come up short and i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to share some tips.

as an example i'll post my latest issue and i'd love the solution.. but i'd really be thankful for anyone who could help show me a better way to do this myself as it is an issue i seem to run into almost every time i sit down to work on web dev.

here's my site: www.focallocal.org

i'm trying to make the sliding_tab in the side column display differently on different size screens (basically for mobile devices) and atm it appears half open when arriving on the page on a small screened device.

here is the code that seems to be responsible, i can find and edit it using inspect element

<div id="tab_slide" class="tab_slide tab_slide_wrapper" style="left: -198px; height: 100%; width: 25%;">

but i've spent about 6 hours trying to work out where in the many plugin files the left value is set. i can edit it in my child theme, but the value is dynamic and so editing it in the child theme will break the sliding function.

is there an easier way to see where the value is coming from and where the all the elements of that code originate? or a plugin that will enable me to edit it in the inspect element screen and save that to my live site? or direct me to a guide somewhere online i could follow.

thanks very much, i'm a beginner at web dev but i am learning and this would be a big help.

Merry Xmas - Andy

(i'll post this in the general forum as well, as i'm not sure which one is better suited to this question)