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Thread: Review my website - Allsweets

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    Review my website - Allsweets

    Hello everyone,
    i created a website that collects dessert recipes from around the blogs and other websites. The website isn't complete yet but I am doing the best to add new features. Please write what do you think about It and what I need to improve.

    Simply Alsweets allows users to find sweet recipes rapidly without googling and visiting each baking blog or website.

    LINK: http://www.allsweets.net

    Thanks in advance

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    I would recommend spacing out the recipe boxes. It looks way to cluttered and hard to read. Only have 5 per row maybe so the user can focus on the content.

    Make use of white space to let the content breathe. Also add a margin below the header as well needs some vertical

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    Thank you very much for your review. I have a question, how can i attract some visitors ? I created a facebook page but what are other ways?

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    64 errors

    7 js, 3 css and 3 html and all those 1 MB photos. No wonder it is slow.
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    Hi there,

    I have gone through your website and have understood that what kind of issues you must be facing in your site. As per my analysis, it's design needs to be a bit responsive, and it also need SEO and SMO as well, in order to get it up to the level you are looking for. Well, As being a part of a team of dedicated IT experts, i'd like to ask if you may allow me to get it fixed as per your expectations? I can help you with the social media optimization and SEO as well.

    Let me know if you are interested, I'm always here to assist you!


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    please give some space in all boxes

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