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  • A single big screen monitor

    1 25.00%
  • Two or more moderate size monitor

    3 75.00%
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Thread: Poll: Dual (multiple) monitors vs. a single monitor

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    Poll: Dual (multiple) monitors vs. a single monitor

    Hi everyone, I am new here. I am building a computer system for my work. So I am thinking to doing a quick research here.

    Which monitor configuration is better for Web developers?

    A. A single big screen monitor.

    B. Two or more moderate monitors.

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    I have two 23-inch monitors side-by-side at work. Are they considered "moderate"? Works well for me, but I've never tried using a single monitor that would be significantly bigger than those two.
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    Neither A or B is best. I use 4 monitors, 3 of which are connected to my desk-side PC:
    - An old 17 inch 1280x960 one, ideal for editing code,
    - A second-hand 19 inch 1366x768 (the most used screen size).
    - A 23 inch 1920x1080, to display sites in full HD.

    The 4th is a 480x320 mobile to check what a site look like at the other extreme.

    That despite the fact that I have my own on-line screen emulator! Seriously, you'd be amazed at how many big professional sites fit poorly on a 768 screen height because they were designed, presumably, for and on a 23 inch 1080p monitor!

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