Folks, I don't expect an easy answer here, especially since I barely have time for working on my web site anymore. I run "Peter Pan's Home Page", a huge and admittedly poorly organized site I've grown and grown since 2001. There I've used a lot of pages that work with some free FLASH players, both to play MP3 music clips of my own compositions (example:, and also videos I've converted to flash files (FLV) of such things as my wedding (example: see the bottom of

For me, it was a lot of work to find and learn to use these players, and in the case of the videos, a lot of work to get decent conversions of the original videos to FLV files. I did this because for a while there it seemed that FLASH was destined to become the universal way to play videos and music files, in a way that was easily controlled with javascript, and because of YOUTUBE would soon be common to every browser on the planet But it didn't work out that way. Sadly I've now seen that nobody with an apple desktop, I-PADs or I-phone can view or play my media, and even the android devices won't play FLASH content (unless the user goes out of his/her way to install it, something most casual users have no clue about).

So what can I do? I'd like to think there is some collection of methods guaranteed to allow the vast majority of visitors to hear and view my content, so that if I put in another huge effort it will be done forevermore. But that was what I thought FLASH would do for me, and now it seems my efforts have been largely wasted, or at least made obsolete.