hi, I'm kind of confused and rookie about the delete image file name from database, I have five images file name in database and store image file in the folder, each table column name is (image_1, image_2, images_3, image_4, image_5).

In html , each image have delete button under bottom of image for up to five images.

Let say that I want to delete 'image_3" by pressing button, how can i write that code to make sure that i can delete that images file name ONLY from database instead of delete rest of row!

i wrote code but not sure working right...

HTML Code:
<a href='inventory_list.php?deleteid=$id'>delete</a>
PHP Code:

if (isset($_GET['yesdelete_image_3'])) {
// remove item from system and delete its picture
    // delete from database
$id_to_delete $_GET['yesdelete'];
$sql mysql_query("DELETE FROM products WHERE id='$id_to_delete' LIMIT 1") or die (mysql_error());
// unlink the image from server
    // Remove The Pic -------------------------------------------
$pictodelete = ("../inventory_images/$id_to_delete.jpg");
    if (
file_exists($pictodelete)) {
header("location: inventory_list.php");