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Thread: Dose anyone tell me what this mean...

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    Dose anyone tell me what this mean...

    I'm trying to delete image from database using id number and image id number like "image_1, image_2 etc...

    There is button where to press button to send php to delete images

    <button class="test"> <a href='edit-product.php?yesdelete=$images_2'>delete</a></button>

    when i pressed button i'm getting error message said

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at C:\VertrigoServ\www\shopone\admin\data\products\edit-product.php:266) in C:\VertrigoServ\www\shopone\admin\data\products\edit-product.php on line 280

    That delete code is

    PHP Code:
    // Delete Item Question to Admin, and Delete Product if they choose

    if (isset($_GET['yesdelete'])) {
    // remove item from system and delete its picture
        // delete from database
    $id_to_delete $_GET['yesdelete'];
    $sql mysql_query("DELETE FROM product WHERE images_2='$id_to_delete' LIMIT 1") or die (mysql_error());
    // unlink the image from server
        // Remove The Pic -------------------------------------------
    $pictodelete = ("../product_images/$id_to_delete.jpg");
        if (
    file_exists($pictodelete)) {
    header("location: product-copy-4.php"); 

    The error line number 260 is where it said

    // delete from database

    and line number 280 is after end of ?> code.

    does anyone can help me what is mean and how to solve that please!


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    It means something has already sent output to the browser before you got to your header() command, so you can no longer send HTTP headers. The error message say that output was generated at line 266.
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