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Thread: Using the best tools/method for the job

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    Using the best tools/method for the job


    I want to create a website which will srape a number of different websites to obtain details from them and store the information into a database. I want to do daily scraping and we are talking around 20,000 pages to scrape. For this kind of task, I want to use cloud services and I am looking at Amazon EC2 service.

    The code that will do the scraping is in PHP, and I have a database table with the 20,000 pages to go and fetch. What is the best way to do a process like this? Services like this is new to me.

    Ususally I would do a cron service to call the page however im sure there is a better, more efficiant way of doing this.

    Any advice?

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    I would definately suggest a letter, or even an email but definately something in writing. Below is an example of a follow up letter. Hope it helps and good luck with the job hunt

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    PHP tools is best.....

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